Checkout the first ever Austin Indie Records video for "Save The Earth, After Now". Credit to EMP who was 3 years old at the time the samples were taken. Full disclosure: She is my daughter and I'm a HUGE fan. The evolution of the state of the earth regresses into a point of rebirth. Gear: Octatrack for EMP /Tempest drum track sample munging and layring; Boomstar 4075 for DEEEEEP bass; Micromac D ala BMSR lead melody; Waldorf Q fore middle8 pad; Polar for tinkering. See the Video for artist credits.

The first two videos from the upcoming release "Futuri Mens" for "Ghzl" and "You are not your thought"


Listen to tracks from the upcoming 201x release (Name is TBD) still in the writing phase, some raw, some near done, some possibly never to be released:

Over the last 6 months I've been trying various new things. Hope you enjoy the work in progress (WIP). Personnally, I've been chillin listening to these hoping to make them gel into a moment of peace and moodiness.

Oct 2015 Update

… 'Ghzl' is a moody piece i wrote with a tie into 'Copy Paste' from Epoch. It really does take me a step down. Slooooow and low is how this goes.

… 'Infinitely Lost' is sparse mostly carried with a Rytm beat through a pair of 104ms also another thick pulse/p08 layered bass movement thingy, using a realtime Polar perforamce to smooth the ear pallete in time to solo the gabrielesk Rytm beat extro;

… 'Nightdrone' blasts in undertones of a synced & Sweeped micomac bass run which dances with a prolonged 4075 melody/lead almost persistent throughout and a straight Rytm beat tagged periodically with stereo delay overlaying, a wonderfullly building pittsburgh, 4ms, maths, modcan melody that solos in the mid8 back into a Rytm pattern that builds into the 2nd half of a Camera-eye-ish/Deadmau5eek prelude that reintroduces the wonderful moment previously described, all puslated with that toothy waldorf pulse and a micromac synced & sweeped bass overlay that opened up the track; It's a tad of a poker outer compared to the other tracks, but still fits in a good way on its own despite the upbeat prance of the Rytm that tranforms into a world beaty trance extro.

… Zone out with the track 'You are not your thought'. Go figure. The intro segues into a mod-jazz-fusion moment earmarked by a rising bell break that digs in hard to that mod-jazz-fussion moment with a tears for fears backdrop synth. i'm happy to say has a zepplin/apx drum feel i can't describe that upon me starting at 2:57ish. the drumz use a MPC-based drum track sampled and munged into Octatrack patterns with some sparse guitar sprinkled on top ala 104m dressing. i gotta fade out that tangental end starting at 7:30 unless it triggers some idea that brings it together. Maybe it will become its own mini track. We shall see...

… 'Everything is made of light (Sunshine) again brings in an Epoch-ish intro melody that breaks into another bell moment driven with a rapid-fire-low-tempo MPC drum track accomponied by modular-goodnees that reigns in the mid8/chorus vocoded ala BMSR in a shimmer of Sunlight. p08 takes the ride on the bass. I'm not happy with the compression and EQ but love the modular and drum momments throughout not to mention the SUNSHINE vocoder touch on th Epoch-ish extro tapped about by the modular and micromac percussive effects.


Listen to pre-release versions and unreleased "b-sides" of Austin Indie Records projects:

This is mainly WIP versions of Epoch - the latest favorite Austin Indie Records release. Also included are tracks using EMP samples @ 3 years old - tracks i hold very close due to the message and fact that my daughter is EMP:) Checkout the first ever Austin Indie Records video for this track

Updated Oct 2015